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Q: I'm confused about the backrest poles, are they part of the chair? Why are they sold separately?

A: In order to minimize weight and maximize versatility, the Coffey Chair is designed with a backrest that is separate from the rest the chair framework. The chair can be set up with either your trekking poles or with backrest poles. Users who regularly hike with trekking poles may prefer the weight and cost savings of using their trekking poles as the chair’s backrest. Users who don’t use trekking poles, or who aren’t concerned with a few extra ounces of weight, can purchase the backrest poles to use with their chair.

Q: Who produces the Coffey Chair?

A:  Chairs are built by Raven Designs in Ridgefield, Washington using  domestically sourced components.

Q: Do you have a warranty?

A: Yes, Raven Designs Ltd. will replace, repair, or refund any chair that does not perform as designed.  If you have any problems with your chair, or simply would like to contact us with  a question about your chair, please use the contact email below.

Q: Can I use the Coffey Chair in snow?

A: Yes, definitely, just like  setting up a tent, take a few minutes to stomp a small platform in the snow before setting up your Chair.

Q: Why does the chair's design use wires on the bottom?

A: The wires  are used in place of beefy, heavy frame parts, allowing the chair to remain light weight.  The chair was designed to be a light as possible, and weighs less than most three-leg, folding camp stools.

Q: Does the Coffey Chair come in different colors?

A: Yes, the Coffey Chair is available in black and raspberry sling colors. The chair frameworks is silver  for  both black and raspberry sling chairs.

Q: I own a retail store. Can I carry this product in my store?

A: For any wholesale inquiries, please email us at:

Q: Can I order replacement parts?

A: Yes, please refer to the parts diagram to order a part. You can also send your chair in for repair. Rambling Raven Designs will repair or replace a chair that has suffered damage due to a problem with materials or workmanship.

You can email us at: