The Coffey Chair is designed to replicate the relaxing ergonomics of the classic Adirondack chair.  The chair is based around a hammock-like sling that shapes to your body. The chair’s backrest poles will pivot to adjust to your sitting position. It provides full support whether you sit upright to adjust the simmer on your stove, or you recline to enjoy the view.



features3Designed with a removable backrest, the Coffey Chair allows you to choose a chair configuration that best fits your weight and comfort needs. The chair can be set up by two different methods:

Using the optional Backrest Poles
Using your own trekking poles

Using trekking poles allows small adjustments in pole length, which change the ergonomics of the chair.   Longer poles provide a more upright feel, while shorter poles work well for reclining.




The Coffey Chair is designed for minimum weight.  The chair’s innovative design allows it to weigh only 16 ounces.   You shouldn’t have to choose between a light pack and a  comfortable camp.



brandi2 Weight (Without Poles): 16 Ounces
Maximum Capacity: 250 lbs
Footprint: 24″ x 21″
Packed Size: 23″ x 5″
Seat Height: 19″
Backrest Height: 30″
Chair Framework:  7075 T-9 Aluminum Tube
Chair Sling: 70D Nylon
100% Domestically Produced

Backrest Poles Specifications:
Weight: 7 Ounces
Maximum Capacity: 250 lbs
Packed Size: 19″